The Valdeporres (Valley of the Porres family) designation makes reference to one of the seven regions that constituted Old Castile during the IX century. Our logo is a Porres family coat of arms.

Juan de Porres Guardiola is the descendent of a family with a deep tradition in agriculture and he has enjoyed a long career in the food and farming sectors having been the Managing Director for over twenty years of Landaluz, an important and leading Andalusian food industry establishment. Juan selects, bottles and markets his products under the brand name “VALDEPORRES” representing the very best of Spanish products, and most especially – the best of farming and agricultural products of Andalusia.

In the 1800’s, Juan’s great grandfather, García de Porres, the marquis of Castilleja del Campo harvested olive oil production to great success as is reflected in the document shown below which he was awarded in 1847. A later generation of the Porres family was awarded the Silver Medal for Olive Oil Quality by the Spanish National Union of the Olive (Sindicato Nacional del Olivo) at the International Farming and Agricultural Fair (Feria Internacional del Campo) of 1965.

This farming family also dedicated significant efforts in the production of table olives and at one point were recognized as the leading Spanish company in terms of revenue and exporting volumes.

Juan de Porres is also the grandson of Salvador Guardiola, regarded as one of the grand agricultural and farming businessmen of Andalusia.

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